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Digital media is rapidly reshaping the landscape of children's media and content across a variety of platforms. Young children are not only more exposed to many different types of media and multimedia but they are also more skilled and 'multi-literate,' in new media technology. As future media producers we have identified the need to develop and better understanding of how digital media is reshaping children's television and how children's audiences are responding to convergent media.

This Wiki was created as a hub for our research project, investigating the future directions of digital media in relation to children's educational and entertainment content in Australia. We are examining how digital media is empowering young children to become storytellers and how it is also reshaping children's content being produced.

Our main research questions are:

  • What will content look like in the future of Australian children's entertainment?
  • What opportunities does Kahootz and other multimedia ventures present for children's media content and education?
  • How will transmedia storytelling improve user interactivity and is it sustainable for the children's entertainment industry?

We initially started our research on Transmedia Storytelling and wanted to find out whether or not the Australian children's entertainment industry were using other platforms apart from television to extend narratives from traditional television programs to other media platforms. However, we soon discovered throughout our research that transmedia storytelling is only but a part of this much bigger digital media bubble and that there are other areas to consider which we have addressed in two areas:

Area One

This first part of our research focuses on how digital media is empowering children to become active participants in the media that they are using/interacting with/creating and how it is encouraging them to become their own storytellers. This area also explores the ways in which media literacies of children are changing and what this could mean for not only the media entertainment they are consuming but also their education.

Area Two

In the second area we will be examining the ways digital media is reshaping children's content with a strong focus on multimedia and transmedia storytelling and the possible directions of digital media and narrative in the children's entertainment industry. It is here that we will also be touching upon the booming digital games industry that is currently occurring in Australia.

We hope that our research into the new directions of digital media and narrative will make us (and you) more informed media practitioners and be better prepared and equipped at creating content in this changing media landscape: a much more skilled, active and 'pro-suming' audience. What we have gathered in this Wiki is a collection of case studies and interviews with media professionals concerned with this field as well as our overall findings and evaluations of our research.

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